D6.1 STELLARnet specification of domain in the TeLearn OA and of related functionalities.
We will specify first the domain of competence and research focus of STELLARnet by a set of metadata which will be integrated with the current definition of the TeLearn OA domain. An instance of TeLearn will then be created, including a specific STELLARnet interface, upload and download functionalities, various retrieval tools as well as blogs and fora attached to the research material made available by the repository, so as to support Science 2.0 practices on top of the resources.

D6.2 Monitoring plan including indicators.
Based on the evaluation indicators developed within WP7 we will identify quantitative measures which we will be able to obtain through the scientific portal usage. By observing portal’s usage we will be able to analyze the uptake of tools and services within the TEL community and react appropriately.

D6.3 First iteration of STELLARnet mash-up.
The STELLARnet WebSite will be initiated. It will contain a first set of mash-ups of general available web 2.0 and social software tools applied to TEL data sources. These mash-ups will be the basis for further refinement.

D6.4 STELLARnet-TeLearn OA evaluation of use and recommendations.
A set of indicators will be defined in order to describe and analyse the use of the STELLARnet archive, as such and as part of the global TeLearn archive. This deliverable will present the findings and provisional recommendations to stimulate best practice and provide feedback to the network to improve the visibility of its production. The set of indicators will be improved as a consequence of this analysis.

D6.5 Scientific conference paper on first experiences with a mash-up of technology enhanced services.
We will report on our first findings of mash-up usage and applicability to the STELLARnet instruments. This paper will examine the evolving Science 2.0 practices based on the obtained evaluation data. It will also put the findings in relationship to WP7 findings.

D6.6 Scientific journal paper on the methodology for building and evaluation a mash-up of technology enhanced learning services, including lessons learned.
This scientific journal paper will be an extention and refinement of D6.5. It will span a longer period of observation time and will focus specifically on the qualitative insights gained. Also this paper will be developed in close collaboration with WP7.

D6.7 STELLARnet-TeLearn OA impact, evaluation of use and sustainability plan.
We will analyse the evolution of the use of the STELLARnet open archive within the network and outside, on the basis of the set of indicators defined by D6.4. This quantitative analysis will be complemented by a qualitative analysis to assess the evolution of the perception of the OA and its impact on the research practice. The sustainability plan will be based on the TeLearn OA strategy for sustainability (association to institutional repositories) and include recommendations to ensure the long term commitment of the consortium.