WP 2. Building Strategic Capacity

The overall objective for this work package is to stimulate and engage in a strategic conversation between the network and policy makers, visionary thinkers, learning executives and experts from domains related to learning. Specific objectives include:

The aim of WP2 is not so much to lead or direct research efforts in the STELLARnet network, but rather to encourage and provoke reflection on the overall research aims that we pursue, their relevance, the scientific methodology, and how we can deploy the results in ‘the real world’. Specific activities include:

The composition of the ‘Strategic’ advisory panel will be finalized at the initial stage of the network.

These meetings will be organized as retreats in a somewhat private setting: the main goal is to enable a candid conversation between STELLARnet and relevant experts, so as to help steer the strategic direction of the work undertaken in STELLARnet .

The intent of this Meeting of Minds is to promote an intense discussion to help clarify the relevance of the major research themes supported by STELLARnet, with the overall purpose of working towards the Grand Challenge. The retreat will be organised around presentations by advisory panel members, dialogue between participants, synthesis, lessons learned and plans for the next Meeting of Minds.

STELLARnet Interview podcast series: we will establish a monthly podcast series, where we will interview external contributors about strategic issues that impact TEL. Contributors can include: authors of noteworthy books or influential papers; policy makers that deal with learning, education, innovation, employment, etc; executives from corporations, NGO’s, public service for whom learning is an essential part of their responsibilities as visionary thinkers. We envisage that the podcasts will be structured as interviews, with a “host” who leads the discussion and who ensures that the conversation is of relevance to the STELLARnet community and beyond.

It will be essential for WP2 to establish an effective and efficient collaboration with WP3, which will be ensured by merging either all or at least half of the WP management meetings, planned to take place every two weeks (by teleconference / virtual meeting).