University of Nottingham (UNOTT)

The University of Nottingham is a leading research university in the UK. It comprises seven campuses (two overseas, in China and Malaysia), and has an annual research income in excess of £125 million (2006-07). The Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI) researches the cognitive, social and cultural aspects of learning, and seeks to enhance education through the design of innovative technologies and environments for learners ( It is an interdisciplinary institute that combines staff expertise from the Schools of Computer Science, Education and Psychology, as well as links to other disciplines. It has a core staff of 12 (11FTE), including internationally-recruited Research Fellows, funded by university investment, plus 31 University academics, and 20 associated PhD students. The Institute has strong research partnerships with industry, including Nokia, Sharp Labs Europe, Microsoft and Cisco. The LSRI was a core partner of the former Kaleidoscope Network in TEL.

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