Know-Center (Kompetenzzentrum für wissensbasierte Anwendungen und Systeme F&E GmbH), Germany (KC)

The Know-Center is Austria's competence centre for knowledge management. Founded in January 2001, the Know-Center employs an interdisciplinary team of more than 30 researchers (plus 10 free lancers) including computer scientists, business economists and psychologists. The Knowledge Services Division of Know-Center ( develops innovative knowledge services based on semantic and context-based technologies as an enabler of knowledge work, knowledge management, and technology enhanced learning. The Know-Center is scientific coordinator of the APOSDLE IP (, FP6 project IST-027023) which deals with process-oriented and self-directed learning at the workplace. In APOSDLE Know-Center also plays the role of the main system architect and has developed much of the intelligent platform functionalities utilizing a service-oriented architecture. The TRIPLE-I, Europe's largest conference on knowledge management, semantic technologies and new media technologies initiated and annually organised by Know-Center demonstrates the excellence of the Know-Center's international network. In the STELLAR Network, KC will bring in its know-how in work-integrated learning and specifically of bridging learning transitions within life long learning. Know-Center will also contribute its learning services know-how within WP8 for building up the "Science 2.0" concept based on available results from the APOSDLE project (such as the user profile service and the associative network). STELLARnet will also benefit from the Triple-I conference as a major dissemination platform.

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