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August 5th
Erik Duval Contemplating how I can convince my university to open a distant campus in Umbria - already have a super place to stay: Sunday from Twitter - Comment - Like
July 31st
Erik Duval Room with a view... July 31 from Twitter - Comment - Like
July 27th
Erik Duval Having a life... via @wordpressdotcom July 27 from Twitter - Comment - Like

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January 11th
I was given Jimmy Buffet’s “A Pirate Looks at Fifty” book and had a chance to read it, and many others, over the holidays.  Most would know Jimmy Buffet the song writer/performer but this was more about the man and his journey in life up to his fifti…
January 8th
One of the things I have learned this year is how much I value silence.  Actually that’s not quite true, what I’ve learned the value of is the ability to control the sound that surrounds me.  I often wants lots of it in the form of things like m…
January 7th
Erik and I have been working on trying to get more study and benefit from failure and we have both been struck by how hard this has been to do.  Not failing, I’m very good that, but rather to foster a culture wherein there is an implicit understandin…

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July 27th
As a follow-up to my last message, here is what you get if you send me an email in the next three weeks: Congratulations, you have reached my Inbox!   However, your message will most likely never be read.   I’m off to the Alps and Tuscany for 3 week…
July 21st
First call for contributions: LAK13: Third International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge 8-12 April, Leuven, Belgium Papers and Workshop/Tutorial Proposals due November 1, 2012Doctoral Consortium, Poster and Worksh…
July 12th
It’s that time of the year again… As folks are leaving for their Summer Holidays (excuse my Northern Hemisphere bias), I’m sure that you are getting lots of ‘vacation messages’ in reply to your emails too… Some of them …