Centre for Social Innovation, Austria (ZSI)

The Centre for Social Innovation is a private, not-for-profit research institute. Since its foundation in 1990 work has been organised interdisciplinary and situated extensively within international networks. Scientific qualifications and practical experiences encompass labour market, education and training, ethnic business, European research and technology development, technology assessment, environmental issues and cultural studies. Activities are concentrated on thematic priorities concerning the transformation to the Information Society and its knowledge base. Studies and practical projects address European and global issues of fundamental social, political and economic relevance, and are grouped in the following three areas: Work & equal opportunities (configuration of labour markets, local governance implemented by partnerships, innovative employment policies and new forms of work; international migration, ethnic economies, gender equality, an ageing society and other issues of social integration versus exclusion), Technology & knowledge (technologies' use by people of all ages, societal strata and in different spheres of living, working and learning; the creation, dissemination and impact of technologies, social scientific research on technology and innovation systems, participative and constructive technology assessment), Research Policy & Development (research policy advice, technology and knowledge development, generation and exploitation of knowledge, feasibility studies and policy recommendations, evaluation, accompanying and monitoring of projects and programmes in research promotion).

Proceeding from a sociological approach and a trans-disciplinary perspective ZSI offers analyses and concepts for trend-setting social innovation in its thematically focused areas. Our research addresses the conditions of emerging technologies, the diffusion of technology and the results from such technology. Special emphasis is directed towards the inclusion of technology users.

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