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January 20, 2010

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d6.3The network has published its latest deliverable d6.3 on the ‘First iteration of STELLARnet mash-ups’. It contains a vision, a collection of requirements, an architectural framework, and a first set of implemented mash-ups of general available web 2.0 and social software tools applied to TEL and TEL data sources within this framework. These initial mash-ups will be the basis for further refinement.

The deliverable is structured into the following parts. First, a vision is sketched, summarising the current debate about Science 2.0 and mash-ups to support it. This vision is informed by the ‘Science 2.0 for TEL’ and ‘Mash-Up PLE’ workshops we have held at the 4th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning. Within this chapter, requirements are elaborated using scenarios and use-cases.  Second, an architectural framework is elaborated within which the mash-up developments move. A process accompanies this framework to allow for maturing those ideas and concepts into end-user ready widgets that have proven valuable in exploratory research. Third, a collection of initial building blocks for STELLARnet’s Science 2.0 mash-ups is listed along two lines: infrastructure components (data sources and services) and use-case sized web applications – what we call Science 2.0 widgets. Finally, a conclusion rounds up the picture.

Click here, to get to the deliverable.

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