STELLARnet OpenArchive and Science 2.0 Mash Up

Shown vertically (cross cutting) all 4 levels in Table 1, this instrument is for the benefit of the wider STELLARnet research community, including PhD students and all our classes of stakeholders. It will apply and evaluate relevant services and tools developed previously within EU-projects to the STELLARnet and wider TEL community. Additional communication, collaboration and information needs of the capacity building STELLARnet instrument will be addressed by creating mash-ups of general available Web 2.0 services and Social Software tools. All of them will be offered via the STELLARnet portal.

StellarOA.jpgThe OpenArchive is a structured layer that represents a significant extension of the successful TEL-Archive of Kaleidoscope. It will grow to reflect the Open resources of many partners, and provide a significant online development source of our work. The OpenArchive will increase the visibility of the resources, speed up an open communication between researchers and welcome R&D contributions from stakeholders. Part of a scientific dissemination portal, the OpenArchive with its web 2.0 features, is an important facet of the mash-up of tools (T6.1) which will consist in a slightly articulated organization of the various tools provided by the partners. The mash up concept refers to the ‘light interaction’ between each system, based around simple and open standards.

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