Get Sponsorships for STELLARnet Doctoral Events

STELLARnet sponsorships granted through a competitive application process are available for the organizers of TEL doctoral events. PhD candidates can apply for scholarships to participate in sponsored events.

The purpose of Doctoral Academy events sponsored by STELLARnet are to induct TEL doctoral candidates into the STELLARnet research community and also to provide them with research training opportunities, particularly within the early and mid stages of their doctoral research. The workshops and lectures organised during the doctoral academy events should focus on theoretical, methodological and technological issues of relevance to TEL research, emphasising topics highlighted by the Grand Challenges. 

Application Guidelines for Doctoral Events

Preliminary information

This application procedure targets event organisers. There is no money associated with sponsorships. It is a label that enables PhD candidates to apply for a STELLARnet scholarship for participating in the sponsored event.

STELLARnet does not organise on its own doctoral events. It however gives its sponsorship to events supporting integration of TEL research in Europe at the doctoral level and fostering academic excellence in accordance with the STELLARnet objectives.

The STELLARnet Doctoral Academy sponsors a limited number of events each year. These events are aimed at fostering integration and increasing the chance of having a critical mass of experts available.

Application and decision procedures

The event organisers should email a formal application-for-sponsorship letter to Denis Gillet, the Head of the STELLARnet Doctoral Academy Board, at least four months before the event and also one month before the public announcement of the event. 

In addition to the description of the event and the target public, the letter should mention what the scholarships will cover and what is their envisioned amount value (with justifications). The number of envisioned scholarships has also to be provided, as well as the overall attendance expectancy. Other sponsors have also to be announced.

Decisions regarding sponsorships are taken at the monthly Doctoral Academy Board meeting following the reception of the letter and are communicated to the applicant by email. The Board defines a maximum number of Scholarships and a related maximum amount for each sponsored event.

In the case that sponsorship is awarded, the organisers have to confirm that they accept the sponsorships conditions. 

After the event, the organisers should deliver a report stating the attendance (name, nationality, home institution or company, proof of participation), as well as an accounting record regarding the use of the scholarships awarded by STELLARnet. One should mention that the STELLARnet Doctoral Academy Board favours funding schemes where the scholarships are awarded directly to the applicants (without transiting through the organisers). The Doctoral Academy Board provides guidance for producing this report.

Only applicants accepted by the organisers of a sponsored event can apply for a STELLARnet scholarship. If the sponsored event does not have its own evaluation procedure for applicants, STELLARnet will carry out its own.

Among the selection criteria, the Board will take into account the relevance to TEL research, the stage of the candidate in their PhD study, former participation in such events, nationality and home institution location (to foster integration, for example the integration new EU member countries), gender, the quality of the application, costs, and the potential benefits to STELLAR networking. The Board will balance the sponsorship awarded to different STELLARnet beneficiaries and maintain balance among European countries. The Board reserves the right to limit the number of applications per beneficiary.


In the case an event were selected by the Doctoral Academy Board to be sponsored, members of the Board should normally take part in different roles in the organising committee (such as General Co-Chair, General Vice-Chair of the event, Programme Co-Chair or a Programme Vice-Chair), depending on the level of STELLARnet funding and involvement. In case a member of STELLARnet who is not part of the DAB has a role in the organising committee of the event, the Board might consider this involvement of STELLARnet as sufficient, if it believes it can secure the participation of experts from the European TEL Community. The DAB will balance the participation in organising committees between its members and based on each member’s field of expertise and availability. 25% of the International Programme committee should include STELLARnet beneficiaries in order to contribute to the evaluation of candidates.

The STELLARnet logo, the STELLARnet Web site URL, and the availability of STELLARnet scholarships (with the relevant URL for application) should be added on the call for participation and on any advertising of the event (including the Web site of the event). When considered appropriate, additional dissemination activities related to STELLARnet will take place in the event, such as information and registration stand, presentation of scientific productions from other STELLARnet events.

Each STELLARnet funded event should keep an attendance list, enabling the DAB to track the attendance of scholars funded by STELLARnet.

The number and the value of awarded scholarships can be adjusted at any time by the Doctoral Academy Board according to the availability of STELLARnet funding and European Commission conditions.


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