F. STELLARnet Doctoral Community of Practice

The overall aim here is to promote top-level research-oriented learning activities for late-stage doctoral students. This work will be supported by a) an on-line portal specifically designed for exchanges between doctoral students and researchers in the TEL field b) symposia presentations from researchers and late-stage doctoral students at relevant international conferences (e.g EARLI, ECTEL, CSCL) c) mobility of doctoral students, supported by targeted scholarships. Through these mechanisms prominent professors and researchers in STELLARnet will participate actively in reviewing and commenting on the students’ written and oral expressions of their research. Initial thoughts regarding the doctoral community of practice and its support are available on the STELLARnet open archive.

Help us to understand what services the STELLARnet Doctoral Community of Practice (DoCoP) should provide to the TEL doctoral community and what social platform(s) should be used by filling our online questionnaire.

The pdf version of the questionnaire is available, as well as results obtained from 72 responses.

As PhD candidate, take advantage of our Mobility Programme to spend two months in one of the leading European TEL research institutions.

Take the opportunity to meet face-to-face with peers and experts in TEL at the next doctoral consortium or doctoral school sponsored by STELLARnet.

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