H. Community Channels

Community channel associates include the wide range of stakeholder types who will receive a range of benefits, depending on their needs and requirements. End-users will be informed on current opportunities in the area of personal competence development and informal life-long learning. Together with our partner institutions STELLARnet will connect through relevant associations with teachers at all levels to help them in leveraging technology at schools. Learning providers can exchange their experience with similar institutions and offer their learning services for a wider community via STELLARnet. For policy makers, special events will be organized to support them in making strategic decisions and to connect them with our strategic work (see WP2). Industrial partners will be able to exchange their experience regarding integration of learning and business processes. To achieve these objectives we will deploy facilities that support networking and integration as well as participate at relevant events. Some of them we will organize ourselves, for instance the already established EC-TEL conference, which is supported by the previous Network community and will be extended by STELLARnet. To support extended Stakeholder networking, STELLARnet also plans to deploy a range of less traditional connection-formats like "matchmaking events" and "blind-date meetings". Essential to this instrument is a combination of both bottom-up and top-down approaches that integrate stakeholder events on a national level and research agenda synchronization and transparency on an international level.

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