STELLARnet Podcast: Neuroscience and TEL

Dr Paul Howard-Jones,leader of the STELLAR Theme Team NTEL (Neuroscience and TEL), answers some questions regarding the added value that Neuroscience can offer to TEL research (and vice-versa). The key idea emerging from this interview is that establishing a link between the two research fields of Neuroscience and TEL can contribute both to improve mainstream education and to enhance the learning possibilities of students with special needs (learning difficulties and other types of disabilities). During the interview the most relevant investigation techniques adopted by neuroscientists are illustrated and their actual use in educational contexts is discussed. The hot issue of “Neuromyths” is also introduced: a definition of the word is provided and some of the most common neuromyths related to the TEL field are discussed.

Interview with Dr Paul Howard-Jones, leader of the STELLAR Theme Team NTEL (Neuroscience and TEL)
Dr Paul Howard-Jones

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