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From Stellar Deliverable 1.1
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First TEL Grand Challenge Vision and Strategy Report

This roadmap integrates the roadmaps of the previous NoEs and builds upon the State-of-the-Art report D7.1. The Roadmap serves as a starting point for the first Delphi Study and determines the impact of the GC themes.

The intention is that members of the TEL community will edit the sections within section 4 (below) to develop the thinking of the whole community on these three themes or Grand Challenges within TEL. A second Vision and Strategy Report will be produced in January 2011 which will draw on the contributions within this wiki.

1 Executive Summary

1 Introduction and background

2 Assumptions, theoretical framing, philosophical underpinnings

3 Starting points for thinking

4 Three themes that guide the Grand Challenge

The scientific work of Stellar is organised around three themes that guide the Grand Challenge: 1) Connecting learners 2) Orchestrating learning 3) Contextualizing virtual learning environments and instrumentalizing learning contexts. These themes are intended to be a starting point for providing a framework to identify and formalise the TEL Grand Challenge in order advance the future of technology enhanced learning.

    * Connecting learners
    * Orchestrating learning
    * Contextualising virtual learning environments and instrumentalising learning contexts

5. Constructing this vision and strategy document

6. Reading list